11 April 2003: Peace activist seriously injured

Yebna, Rafah
Between 4:30 and 5:00 PM today Israeli snipers shot another ISM activist in the head. Tom Hundall from Manchester Britain is currently in critical condition in a helicopter on his way from Europa Hospital in Khan Younis to a hospital in Bir Sheva. He is 22 years old.


01 May 2003:

Tom Hundall, the peace activist from Great Britain has died because of his heavy injuries.
Last night, many houses were demolished again, and no one could sleep in all Rafah city, because of the shootings and shellings and the F16s, and helicopters which were also in the sky… Many people were injured, in Rafah and Gaza more than 10 people were killed, also children under 3 years. The house demolitions continue today.