10 April: Today, international peace activists try to stop bulldozers demolishing houses in the Tal Soloob area of Rafah: 

3 people were injured today, among them a 16 year old boy who was injured at his neck and is in a serious condition now.

March 2003

There was a peace vigil this evening and several hundred people attended and prayed for the peace martyr Rachel Corrie

24 March: On Saturday, about 8 tanks and 2 bulldozers attacked Rafah. Many people were injured, one person was arrested. This night, more than 10 tanks and 3 bulldozers attacked Hay Al Salaam in Rafah, and many people were injured, 5 houses were demolished, and another 3 houses were partially demolished; 5 people were arrested, and until now there is massive shooting and shelling in Rafah.

19 September

Rachel parents came to visit the families in the area where Rachel had died. I organized to plant olives trees with Rachel’s parents in Rafah, and I bought three olive trees and went to the ISM office and wrote the labels. The Youth Parliament Children all shared in the planting of the trees because Rachel was a member of their group, and she was an eyewitness in their court case against Sharon and his crimes. Today, from 11 o’clock till 1:30 we were planting trees. More than 9 journalists from different agencies such as the BBC and others were making documentary films about Rachel and her parents. They took many pictures of them while planting the olives trees.

The olives trees were planted in the places that witness rush hours: one was planted in the centre of Rafah, in Al Awda square, near Cairo Oman Bank; one was planted in Al Jawzat square, in the east of Rafah; and the third was planted across from the ISM office. People gathered to see Rachel’s parents, and they promised to take care of the trees for them.

‘Planting an olive trees’ is one of the initiatives of the Palestine Children Welfare Fund.